AS Works: Solving Real-World Problems

Have you ever seen a drone? AS Works is the fourth start-up we are highlighting in our new video series! We are so excited to showcase this next amazing company that is currently in Genesis Enterprise, who has some incredibly innovative ideas that is solving a real world problem from right here to customers around the globe.

Check out the interview below. We sat down with Armin Strobel, CEO and founder of AS Works to discuss his business, where the idea came from and where the company is going from here.

Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Dr. Armin Strobel. I have over 15 years of experience in unmanned systems from both a development and research standpoint. I have a PhD in aerospace engineering from Technical University Darmstadt and I started thinking about starting AS Works in 2015 and finally incorporated in 2017.

Q2: What does AS Works do and what problem are you solving?

AS Works is solving the problem that you can’t use traditional drone systems for frequent, reoccurring monitoring applications. We do that by using a completely different drone that is able to recharge in a docking station and can be deployed 24/7 in frequent intervals. On top of this, we also provide the software aspect of the monitoring system for the specific applications.

Q3: Why did you decide to start AS Works?

In 2015, I put out a blog post about a fully 3D printed ducted fan unmanned aerial system, another blog picked it up and we received 10,000 hits on my page and a lot of feedback. From there, I decided to work towards creating a company from this idea.

Q4: What’s new at AS Works? What progress have you made as of late?

We have an MOU from the Port of Argentia. We worked together with the Port of Argentia to turn them into an innovative port with our monitoring system. Apart from this, we have a contract to develop our system even further.

Q5: What’s next for AS Works and what are you future plans?

We plan to further develop our system and bring it to a stage where it can be used by anybody.

By: Armin Strobel & Nicholas Pinsent

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