Start-up Visa Program

Genesis’ Start-up Visa Program (SUV) aims to bring skilled immigrant entrepreneurs and their families to Canada. Such a program is designed to increase the number of foreign founded technology start-ups in the country and make a positive economic impact. As the only designated organization for SUV in the province, start-ups applying to the program will have to fulfill Genesis’ requirements for the Enterprise program.

The SUV program is for start-ups who:

  • Have less than $1M in annual revenues

  • Have developed a minimum viable product

  • Have gotten traction in the market (i.e. sales, users, etc.)

  • Have completed Genesis’ Evolution program or an approved equivalent program

  • Are willing to live and work in Newfoundland & Labrador

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, entrepreneurs will have to fulfill the Government of Canada’s requirements found here.

Once accepted into the program, entrepreneurs will receive a letter of support from Genesis. Entrepreneurs thereafter are responsible to apply for a start-up visa directly from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, assuming all other criteria is met.


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