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When you join Enterprise, you don't just get access to amazing support from Genesis. Check out our awesome partners who provide free or dscounted services to our Enterprise companies!


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Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Amazon Web Services provides startups with the low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow. The AWS Activate program provides startups with the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS – including credits, training, and support.

We have Portfolio packages for startups in select accelerators, incubators, seed/VC funds, and other startup enabling organizations, as well as the Builders package for entrepreneurs just getting started.

The Portfolio package is designed for startups in select accelerators, incubators, Seed/VC Funds, and other startup-enabling organizations. Qualifying startups receive up to $15,000 in AWS Promotional Credit and other .

Ask your program director for more information on how to apply.

Some of the world’s hottest startups use AWS – including AirbnbLyft and Slack. Join them – and build your business on AWS today. 


Intercom for Early Stage offers all of Intercom's products (standard versions) at discounted rate. This allows you to:

  • Live chat to help and sell to your users and visitors
  • Onboard and retain customers with targeted messages
  • Customer support with an integrated help desk and knowledge base

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This is a CRM that is fantastic.



Hockeystick’s network connects a firm’s financial data directly to the venture capital, private equity and innovation ecosystems. Fund managers and analysts use Hockeystick to accurately track, compare and predict company performance.

More than 12,000 private companies and top Canadian funders belong to the Hockeystick network.



ChartMogul gives you the tools to measure, understand and grow your subscription business. Use data to prove (or disprove) your hypotheses and stop wasting time in Excel, all your recurring revenue metrics are calculated automatically and updated in real-time. ChartMogul quickly uncovers the value in your data so you can make decisions that will drive your business forward.



Klipfolio is a cloud platform for data-driven teams to build and share real-time dashboards. Use Klipfolio to connect to all the data sources you care about, and build custom data visualizations and KPIs that you can monitor across your devices, so you are always in the know.

Klipfolio is a big believer in sharing knowledge and giving back.  Therefore, we have created several online resources that may be of interest to you:

  • We have four blogs, yes four.  With over 200,000 subscribers we are sure you will find something interesting to read.
  • Interested in learning more about KPI’s?  We have an online library that is viewed by thousands of people everyday.  If we are missing a metric or topic, please let us know as we are always looking for suggestions.
  • Check out our community based Startup Health Tracker where you can get ideas on how to monitor the health of your startup. It’s a spreadsheet full of ideas and inspiration on what KPI’s to monitor:
  • Lastly, if you help support SaaS startups, as a SaaS startup ourselves, we have launched a section on our website dedicated to the topic.  Learn more here about SaaS Dashboards and get advice from Klipfolio’s own leadership team on the topic.


Hunter is an online platform that allows finding and verifying professional email addresses.

Three main services are offered:

·        Domain Search: returns all the email addresses found from a given domain or company name. Additional information as full name, phone number and job titles are provided if publicly available. All the sources where the emails were found are provided too.

·        Email Finder: allows finding the email of a person by simply typing the full name and website or company name. 

·        Email Verifier: performs a full deliverability check on a professional email.

Hunter also allows processing data in bulk, send single emails and emails campaigns and provides dedicated Chrome, Firefox and Google Sheets extensions.



Bench is online bookkeeping. We get our companies discounts.