Coding & Business: The Perfect Mix

Over the last few years, coding, and its applicability in daily life has been on the rise. A variety of individuals, from television stars, political figures and notable academics have been encouraging people everywhere to pick up skills in the coding area. This growing trend can get a person really confused as to what coding actually is and why they should be involved with it.

Coding gives us, as consumers of technology, a way to understand the world around us and it is a powerful tool: one that allows anybody to become a creator. Digital literacy is becoming increasingly important as our lives continue to progressively revolve around technology. Gaining even a rudimentary understanding of coding can help us to better understand the technologically advanced world we live in, and can help keep us in touch with whatever is going on in the tech world, making us more informed consumers.

You would be hard pressed to find a job these days that doesn’t use any form of technology. Consider this scenario: you’re fresh out of your undergrad with a business degree and you have an innovative idea for an app that you want to pursue. The problem is that you have no idea how to connect your idea with the real world to actually see it to fruition. This scenario exemplifies the express need for people with a knowledge in coding.  

One issue with the above scenario is that this aspiring entrepreneur may not understand what their idea might require in terms of resources and abilities. This lack of understanding can lead to a variety of problems, which can be solved by aligning with somebody who does have strong technical skills, and comprehends the work that goes into designing a new product.

Finding the Perfect Team

A big challenge in the tech world today can be finding a technical person to partner to nurture your idea. The contrary can also be true; when you have the skills to create but lack the business skills to make your project a reality. Having members with different skills and experiences will be what makes your team effective. A basic knowledge of coding will help facilitate this relationship, as it allows people on the business side to better understand the needs of the technical side. This knowledge and understanding will allow for a stronger, and more harmonious working relationship.

How to Learn

If you’re interested in diving into coding or just trying it out to see if it’s for you, there are plenty of resources available. Nationally there are programs that can teach you in person, like Canada Learning Code, which runs programs for different demographics such as women, kids, and teens. Along with these resources, coding education is very accessible in free or paid options online that can help beginners or pros develop their skills. If you’re interested in learning to code, check out these great online resources; Skillshare, Great Courses PlusKhan Academy and Codeacademy!

There’s already some great work being done in Newfoundland and Labrador from organizations like NATI and Brilliant Labs to increase the focus on bringing the people of our province and their skill sets into the future. Taking into consideration all of the exciting things going on in the growing tech sector here in the province, an increased focus on coding education and promoting it to all will allow more amazing companies to grow right here, and will also prove helpful to anyone looking to hone a new and useful skill!

By: Hillary King | Venture Support Intern