Universal Cognitive Solutions: Solving Real-World Problems


Universal Cognitive Solutions (UCS) is the first start-up we are highlighting in our new video series! We are so excited to showcase some of our amazing companies that are currently in Genesis Enterprise, that have some incredibly innovative ideas that are solving real world problems from right here in Newfoundland & Labrador. Check out the interview below.


We sat down with Mark Gauci, CEO and founder of UCS to discuss his business and the impact they have on a daily basis.

Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Mark Gauci. I am a father of four kids and a grandfather of one, with a terrific spouse.

I am a twenty year veteran of the Canadian Forces with training in communications and electronics in both the army and the air force. I have also worked in business technology sales, financial planning, information technology and software development. I recently completed my undergrad in computer science in 2015, and my graduate degree in technology management in 2018.  My community involvement includes volunteering with VETS Canada, Rotary International, and the Bowring Park Foundation.

Q2: What does UCS do and what problem are you solving?

UCS is a company that is focused on developing and/or improving healthcare processes through the online platforms we develop. Our goal is to increase access to health care services, make capturing the date from these services easier, all while offering our customers substantial collaborative opportunities and cost savings.

Q3: Why did you decide to start UCS?

My motivation for starting this company began in 2010 with my son's autism diagnosis.  Being a computer science student at the time I felt that the current processes could be improved dramatically through the use of technology. My ultimate goal, first and foremost, was to ensure no child would be left behind when it came to accessing autism therapy. The other benefits of centralized records, easy to use tools, connecting different healthcare silos and offering cost savings all came about as we continued to develop ABA Access.

Q4: What’s new at UCS? What progress have you made as of late?

Well UCS is new. We realized there was some confusion having both our flagship product and our company name the same. ABA Access is now the name of our autism product while Universal Cognitive Solutions would reflect the broader scope of providing health care process solutions as a whole.

We will be going into our beta test with Eastern Health very soon.  We are performing some final tweeks to the software while ensuring we meet all ethical, security, and privacy standards expected in medical technology. We anticipate said beta test to begin either late November or early December with the test being complete at the end of the fiscal year (March 30th, 2018). 

UCS has also begun work on establishing relationships with companies and organizations in Ontario, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Q5: What’s next for UCS and what are you future plans?

The sky is literally the limit with our online healthcare process platform. In our near future we anticipate taking ABA Access across Canada with the hopes of establishing a national standard for online autism therapy processes. Our goal is to become a leading contributor in Canada's national autism strategy. We will also exploring our potential markets in the United States and Europe once our beta test with Eastern Health is completed.

Finally, we anticipate work on a new product that will provide preventative mental health support for Veterans called Listening Watch.

By: Mark Gauci & Nicholas Pinsent

John Devereaux