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Genesis Entrepreneur Receives Volunteer Award from Lieutenant Governor

The founder of a current Genesis company has received an award for her work in data management and system creation for the St. John's chapter of St. John Ambulance, a national charity organization.

Ivana Drcec, founder of Zero Worx, was presented the award by the Honourable Frank Fagan, Newfoundland and Labrador's 13th lieutenant governor on May 26, 2016. The award, the Priory Vote of Thanks from the national SJA organization, recognizes the success of Ivana's program, Linxpot, at the local St. john's level (Brigade Division #321). Linxpot is the main offering of Zero Worx, and Ivana has volunteered her time and energy in implementing, operating and maintaining the program for SJA, as well as volunteering as a Medical First Responder (MFR).

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