The Genesis Centre Looks Forward to the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs with New Leadership

It is with great excitement that the Genesis Centre announces the hiring of Michelle Simms as the new president and chief executive officer.

In early July, CEO, Greg Hood, tendered his resignation from the centre for an exciting opportunity in his home province of Ontario. Greg brought decades of international experience to the centre with both energy and tenacity, pushing the centre forward with great momentum. In the last year the centre has been able to expand its reach to Holyrood with a new satellite location, while partnering with the College of the North Atlantic with offering new programming to its students.  The centre has also strengthened its external partnerships by bringing exclusive programming from the Canadian Digital Media Network, CDMN, and from Toronto innovation hub, MaRS, to the province. Furthermore, Greg has been passionate about engaging various stakeholders in academia, the public and the private sector; taking the Genesis Centre to the next phase while maintaining the centre’s eminent brand. The Board of Directors of Genesis as well as the staff are wishing Greg much success in his new role.

Through a consultation process with  the Genesis Group’s selection committee, Michelle Simms was offered this position of president and CEO and with great excitement accepted the role. A seasoned veteran in the technology startup industry, Michelle has been a steady anchor for the Genesis Centre. She has a sound understanding of how to accelerate companies to success and has a clear vision of where the centre is headed in the next decade. Michelle is a member of the Board of Directors of Oceans Advance and a member of the advisory board of the CDMN.  We feel that Michelle is an excellent fit for the position as President and CEO.   

Fred Cahill, Chairman of the Board said, “with the experience she has gained with the Genesis Group in the last decade and most recently as Vice President of Operations in the last 18 months under our former CEO Greg Hood, we strongly believe that Michelle is quite ready to take on this new and challenging role and will build on the momentum and great strides the Group has made in the last year. Welcome back Michelle!”