In the Workshop with: Empowered Homes

Empowered Homes is one of the newest portfolio companies to be accepted by the Genesis Centre, and they are already making excellent progress. In order to develop Mysa, their smart thermostat specifically for homes with multi-zoned heating layouts, the founders of Empowered Homes have had to secure a workshop off-site of the Genesis Centre.

This site, located in a small, white building near St. John's downtown core, houses all the hardware the team needs to get their thermostats going, as well as the five employees that are now a part of the Empowered Homes team. We were able to get a glimpse into their workshop recently and learn more about their operations and development. So let's hop into the photos! Let's start with meeting the team.

The five-member team of Empowered Homes has grown from just the two founding brothers, Zach and Josh Green sitting on the far left and right respectively, to include three more individuals. These employees are, from left to right, Jane Henderson, Justin Royce, and Daniel Cook, who are in charge of different parts of software and hardware development.

This is the main "office" area within the workshop itself. This is where the coding, marketing, and sales happen for Mysa.

Computer science graduate and software developer Jane has a large monitor. The left half of her screen showcases the user interface she is designing for future Mysa users, and the right half shows the code she's written to bring that interface to life.

And on to the hardware side of things. Here, Justin and Daniel work at the Testing/Debugging table, ensuring that all their circuit boards are working properly.

This picture shows the two testing a wi-fi chip that will be placed in all of Mysa's wall thermostats. These wi-fi chips are important for connecting customers to their room thermostats, so the team inspects carefully.

Here we see co-founder Zach working diligently at the soldering station. Soldering electronics securely to the circuit board is another important step in ensuring the success of every Mysa produced.


Finally, we see co-founder Josh drilling holes in a board to make space to insert electrical components. 

And that is the workshop of Empowered Homes! We will continue to post updates on our portfolio companies' outside working areas with our "In the Workshop" feature. Learn more about Empowered Homes and Mysa, by checking out their websites ( & and their Facebook (Empowered Homes & Mysa) and Twitter (@EmpoweredHomes & @mysa_home) pages. As well, be sure to visit our Medium page to see our articles in a whole new light!