Genesis Centre Joins 1776 Startup Federation

The Genesis Centre announced today that it has become a partner of 1776’s Startup Federation.

1776 is a global business incubator and seed fund, headquartered in Washington D.C. The facilitator of the international business incubation network Startup Federation and founder of the international startup competition series the Challenge Cup, 1776 is committed to engineering the success of promising startups the world over. The startups that 1776 takes in are aiming to combat the world’s most important issues, including education, health, energy & sustainability, and transportation & smart cities.

The Genesis Centre is an award-winning business incubator for technology startups. The centre helps to accelerate startup companies through all stages of idea development, connecting startup clients with top mentors and advisors and providing assistance with marketing, funding and office space.

The Startup Federation is an international network of business incubators from the most interesting startup communities in the world. The relationships built through the Federation have created an ecosystem that transcends geographic boundaries. As a result, the world’s most promising entrepreneurs and young companies can access the resources they need to scale regardless of the city they choose to call home.

As Newfoundland and Labrador’s only and exclusive Startup Federation partner, connections will be formed between our startups and startups from countries across the globe, including Jordan, Germany, Slovakia, the UK, Mexico, Russia, Kenya, South Korea and the USA. The Startup Federation gives startups a home in facilities all over the world that are tailored to their needs, and fosters the ability to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs, potential partners, customers, investors, and mentors.

The Startup Federation was created based on the idea that increased communication and collaboration between startup ecosystems and startups themselves would result in a net benefit of global economic growth and innovation. By connecting and cultivating thriving ecosystems that have similar methods and practices, startups in Newfoundland and Labrador can easily access and engage globally with resources, talents and connections, and world-class startups can see what we here in the province have to offer.

Additional information on 1776 and the Startup Federation can be found at their website and Startup Federation landing page

About the Genesis Centre

The Genesis Centre, located at Memorial University, is an incubator for technology-based ventures with high-growth potential. It is one of the top ranked incubators in Canada and was named Canadian Incubator of the Year in 2011. Since the Genesis Centre was founded in 1997, it has helped almost 60 startups raise more than $85 million in private equity. Genesis alumni are among the leading startups in Atlantic Canada and include Verafin, Rutter Technologies, Avalon Microelectronics (acquired by Altera), Solace Power, SubC Imaging, EMSAT, ClearRisk, Genoa Design and Virtual Marine Technology. For more information, please visit