Women in Tech with Kelly Hoey

At the end of this year`s Innovation Week, Genesis had one last public event to finalize the incredible week of talking innovation, best practices, inspiring stories, and so much more. The Genesis Centre hosted very special guest, Kelly Hoey to the Women in Tech (WIT) Peer Group for a Lunch & Learn where Kelly told her inspiring story, while answering questions on networking, and building powerful relationships. Kelly is the author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships In A Hyper-Connected World. This book offers readers practical advice on the art of networking. Kelly’s ability to build and nourish strong networks is powerfully delivered, as well as how to leverage connections to build value.

The Genesis WIT group is focused on advancing women in technology and providing networking opportunities, such as the event with Kelly Hoey. Kelly helps others by providing her experience, wisdom and strategies towards building meaningful relationships and encouraging women to go beyond their comfort zone. Having the opportunity to be in a room filled with both women and men listening to Kelly share her story and give advice was inspiring to say the least.



At the event, Kelly gave a brief history of her investment journey from angel investor to co-founder of a start-up accelerator to limited partner in two venture capital funds. Kelly is extremely vocal on investing in women, and gave a lot of advice to those in the room. If you want to see more women in business, then it`s simple! Empower, invest and mentor more women. Some of the encouraging advice given by Kelly include but is certainly not limited to the following:

“All of you in this room have that same chance to make an impact.” 

“Your next opportunity can come from anywhere.”

“We all have the same tools and the same ability.”

One particular question asked from the audience was whether Kelly could give some tips/tools to help broaden networks. Her response were tips such as taking the time to look at your calendar and see how you’re spending your time. Look at who is in your network currently, and who you should be networking with. Another important tip she provided which a lot us may struggle with is to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, which includes attending more public events such as this.

Attendees left this event feeling inspired and driven to make more connections and work towards achieving their goals. Genesis was privileged to host such a well-driven and experienced thought leader during Innovation Week 2018!

“Be in the room and start changing the room” – Kelly Hoey

By: Sarah Croft| Venture Support Intern