Networking with Kelly Hoey

Networking with Kelly Hoey

May 14–18th was Innovation Week in Newfoundland and Labrador. 2018 was the fifth year for this annual event that brings together partners to showcase and highlight the innovation that is happening in the province. This year there were over 20 partners, and 20 events tied to the week. The Genesis Centre has been involved in Innovation Week since its inception, and 2018 was no different with the Genesis Centre hosting a number of events.

Kelly Hoey, author of  Build Your Dream Network

Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network

Genesis was lucky enough to have author, investor, and networking expert Kelly Hoey in town to participate in a few of our events, one of which was a networking event at the Rooms. Kelly was on a cross-Canada tour, organized by the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN), for her new book Build Your Dream Network, and sharing her expertise in a number of events/workshops. Having tactfully built and leveraged her own network, Kelly has been able to achieve her goals and find tremendous secures in her career, which includes corporate law, angel investing, and entrepreneurship.

At the How to Build Your Dream Network event, Kelly chatted with another one of our special guests — Lisa Cashmore from Kitchener-Waterloo who is Director of Network Operations at CDMN and Director of International Strategy at Communitech. During this informal fireside chat, Kelly and Lisa talked and shared laughs over their insights and personal experiences in building and maintaining a professional network. They offered practical advice and shared inspiring stories on making and maintaining meaningful connections.

One of the key lessons from the How to Build Your Dream Network event was to consider your goal, your end game, when building your network. Do you want more twitter followers? Business referrals? Business connections on LinkedIn to beef up your profile? To meet like-minded people? To meet people who live in your city? Kelly told attendees to take a look at your existing network, an audit per se, to identify the gaps and see where you would like to add more connections. From there, you can identify groups you may want to be a part of, events you may want to attend, or people you may want to focus on adding to your network.

Lisa Cashmore (left) and Kelly Hoey discuss building a network during their fireside chat, at The Rooms.

Lisa Cashmore (left) and Kelly Hoey discuss building a network during their fireside chat, at The Rooms.

Following the fireside chat, attendees stayed around for the networking component of the evening, mingling with other attendees and talking one-on-one with both Lisa and Kelly who were happy to learn about the opportunities available in NL and share their advice. As added inspiration when networking, the event nametags, which had people fill in an “Ask Me About” section, provided the opportunity for attendees to engage in a conversation about a topic important or amusing to them. This tool, recommended by Kelly, was designed to aid in making new connections, learn about a new topic, and encouraged wearers to get away from the Newfoundland way of starting any conversation with a remark on the weather! :) 

At the end of the night, everyone got to walk away with a copy of Build Your Dream Network, to take a deeper dive into the topics discussed. The event was filled with lively networking and Genesis was happy to provide attendees the chance to meet new people, expand their network, and chat with outside experts.

By: Dyanna McCarthy| Program Coordinator, Women In Technology And Start-Up Visa