WaterLily: Solving Real World Problems

Are you an outdoors enthusiast? Seaformatics is the third start-up we are highlighting in our new video series! We are so excited to showcase this next amazing company that is currently in Genesis Enterprise, who has some incredibly innovative ideas that is solving a real world problem from right here to customers around the globe.

Check out the interview below. We sat down with Andrew Cook, CEO and co-founder of Seaformatics to discuss his business, where the idea came from and where the company is going from here.

Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Andrew Cook, CEO of Seaformatics Systems Inc. I graduated from Memorial University in 2003 with my M.Eng. in computer engineering and started out working as an engineer for an Oceanography company. I spent most of my time there working on systems to collect data in the ocean and worked on projects ranging from iceberg monitoring to conducting liferaft drift studies. A few years later I had the chance to work on new technology at MUN that would allow people to collect data in the ocean in real-time while harvesting energy from ocean currents so that the systems could stay in the ocean for much longer periods of time. The result of 7 years of work was the spin-out Seaformatics and with a bit of a pivot eventually led us to the WaterLily.

Q2: What does WaterLily do and what problem are you solving?

The WaterLily empowers the modern outdoor enthusiast to capture energy from river and wind power so that they can stay out longer and explore further. 

Q3: Why did you decide to create the WaterLily?

We were all outdoor enthusiasts and understood the limitations of battery powered devices such as cellphones, cameras, GPS units, etc. and we knew our technology, that was developed for subsea applications, would work well.

Q4: What’s new with WaterLily? What progress have you made as of late?

So in the last 6 months we fulfilled all of our pre-orders (~$200,000 in pre-order revenue) and have had sales exceding $250,000. We've grown the team to 6 and are soon growing to 8. We have also expanded our product line with another turbine product (the WaterLily 12V) as well as a number of accessories for WaterLily. 

Q5: What’s next for the WaterLily and what are you future plans?

We are always trying to innovate and some exciting things are coming! We are also starting to plan out retail expansion for 2019. 

By: Andrew Cook & Nicholas Pinsent

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