Re:News - Get Creative!

This blog post is a response to a September 14th news article CBC NL entitled Get creative or get out: Tough choices in St. John’s dwindling job market.

According to a Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, the chances of getting hired for a job in the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador are down. Way down.

Compared to the same quarter in 2015, hiring rates among St. John’s employers are down 20%, and only 10% of employers indicated that they might gain a new hire in the near future. This news, as reported by Amy Stoodley of CBC NL on September 14th, 2016, paints a grave picture of the future of employment in NL. Or does it?

The report published by Manpower Group portrays a bleak future for the potential hiring of new graduates, newly unemployed people, and future downsized employees, there is no doubt about that. But do you really need to get hired by someone else to get a job?

Looking at the oil & gas field, one of the worst fields to get hit in terms of hiring loss and downsizing, the majority of employees are professional engineers. And can engineers be their own bosses and become entrepreneurs? Of course they can! There are examples of engineers finding creative entrepreneurship opportunities across the province.

One example comes from the CBC article mentioned above, the example of Tiffany Palmer. A mechanical engineer unable to find work after caring for her newborn baby for a year, Tiffany started a daycare operating out of her home. Or how about the example of professional engineer and Jumping Bean founder Jeff LeDrew, who transformed his love of brewing his own coffee into a pan-Atlantic province powerhouse. The former P.J. Gardiner NL Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner  fully demonstrates that entrepreneurship is a valid option in not just one’s own field, but also anything one sets their mind to.

To see entrepreneurs find success in their own fields while staying in Newfoundland and Labrador, look no further than the local entrepreneurship community in the past year. Startups in food service, manufacturing, social media, biotech, and more are sprouting up and gaining momentum right here our province.

So, are the number of hires down in St. John’s? Yes. But should that stop you from getting creative and starting your own business? Never. Becoming an entrepreneur is certainly not easy, but it’s an increasingly valid way to get a job and stay at home right here in NL. And with the number of resources and funding programs available to new businesses, there has legitimately never been a better time to stay at home, and pursue your passion.

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