Applications Now Open for Evolution Program Summer 2016

Imagine; a Newfoundland and Labrador based social media tech start-up growing from a small idea to having a stable international client base, more than ten employees, and more than $650,000 in investment. You've just imagined the amazing story of HeyOrca, one of the tech startups currently operating in the Genesis Centre. Now imagine; where did this creative start-up's journey begin? The answer to that is the Genesis Evolution program.

Are you working on an idea for a product, company or service? The Evolution program is an eight-week intensive workshop to help entrepreneurs validate their business ideas with world-class lean methodology techniques and get them to market. The program is perfectly suited for passionate, early-stage entrepreneurs, as a first step toward growth, receiving investment, and entering the local, national, or international marketplace. 

The program culminates with “Pitch and Pick”, a pitching event that brings together entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors, to truly get participants connected in the entrepreneurial community. This event creates valuable connections with the Genesis Evolution network of graduates and mentors for participants on their journey to business success.

HeyOrca isn't the only successful graduate of the Evolution program however, another example is DashAll, a local crowd-sourced product and food delivery service currently operating in the St. John's market. DashAll's founder, Jan Mertlik, is currently enrolled at Memorial University, and through the Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship, has been able to work on his business full-time as an entrepreneurial work-term and receive access to Evolution programming.

This isn't to say Evolution is just for students, in fact it illustrates just the opposite, Evolution welcomes and is beneficial to participants from all walks of life. For example, Estate Sales NL participated in the most recent Evolution cohort, and its founder, Trina Appleby, is a seasoned professional looking to start a new business. Early-stage entrepreneurs and companies of all shapes and sizes have completed the Evolution program, and their successes have been staggering.

“Whether you’re planning to apply to the Genesis Centre’s incubation program or need objective feedback on your product idea, the Evolution program helps you reach that goal. The eight-week program delivers what would normally take a year or two for an entrepreneur to experience in the real world,” said Greg Hood, president and chief executive officer, of the Genesis Centre. “Ultimately, it optimizes an entrepreneur’s chances of success in the market,” he added.

This will be the seventh cohort of the Evolution program as presented by the Genesis Centre, and with each cohort that number of companies and interest has grown. Our most recent cohort in the winter of this year saw 16 companies participate in the program, in both technology-based and other “main street” industries.

The deadline for applications is June 3, 2016. Interested parties can apply by following the link below.

The program fee for Evolution is $100 per team member, which goes directly toward covering program logistics.