Genesis Entrepreneur Receives Volunteer Award from Lieutenant Governor

Ivana Drcec, founder of Zero Worx, receiving the Priory Vote of Thanks from the Honourable Frank Fagan

Ivana Drcec, founder of Zero Worx, was presented the award at an Investiture Ceremony by the Honourable Frank Fagan, Newfoundland and Labrador's 13th Lieutenant Governor, on May 26, 2016. The award, the Priory Vote of Thanks from the national St. John Ambulance organization, recognizes the success of Ivana's program, Linxpot, at the local St. John's level (Brigade Division #321). Linxpot is the main offering of Zero Worx, and Ivana has volunteered her time and energy in implementing, operating and maintaining the program for SJA, as well as volunteering as a Medical First Responder (MFR).

This award, which was approved by the St. John Ambulance NL Council and executives of Brigade #321, recognizes the personal efforts of Ivana, who is originally from Croatia, but has still given back extraordinarily to her current home community of St. John's. Balancing the life of an entrepreneur and volunteer MFR is no easy task, but Ivana has always been up to the challenge and has seen great success in both fields. 

The Genesis Centre is excited to see Ivana receiving the recognition she deserves for her great volunteer efforts here in the city. This award illustrates the dedication of Ivana as an entrepreneur and a volunteer, as well as illustrates the success of Linxpot itself, which Genesis is interested in adopting for internal use. From all of us here at Genesis, congratulations Ivana!

About St. John Ambulance:

St. John Ambulance is a charitable foundation of the Order of St. John. The Order of St. John is one of the world’s oldest humanitarian, non-denominational charitable organizations, dedicated to the service of others for more than 900 years. St. John Ambulance Canada is a national first aid training provider recognized by all provincial, territorial and federal workplace safety agencies. With nearly 100 locations, St. John Ambulance is Canada’s largest provider of regularly scheduled public courses where Canadians can learn lifesaving and other skills. Core training programs include: Basic first aid; Advanced first aid; CPR with defibrillation (AED); Emergency response (Medical First Responder and Emergency Medical Responder); Marine first aid; and Babysitting. Proceeds from training and product sales are used to fund community services programs at the local level.

About Zero Worx & Linxpot:

Zero Worx Inc. has created a cloud based application called Linxpot which enables SMB’s to better manage day to day operations through a collaborative interface. Linxpot seamlessly connects your marketing, human resources, and other project management tools eliminating the need for endless meetings and email chains. Ivana Drcec, founder of Zero Worx Inc., is originally from Zagreb, Croatia, where Zero Worx maintains an office of 7 people, all working on the development of Linxpot. Zero Worx also has offices in Venice, California, and St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, where it is taking part in the Genesis Centre's Enterprise incubation program.