Evolution Program Pitch N Pick a Huge Success

Consider a new dating app; one that doesn’t target singles, but an app that enables couples to meet other couples with similar hobbies and interests. Pearus does exactly that, an idea that captured the entire audience at last week’s Pitch and Pick event here at the Genesis Centre.

Pitch and Pick is the culmination of the Genesis Centre’s EVOLUTION  program. After five intensive weeks of workshops, mentoring, and customer interviews, seven entrepreneurs were given five minutes to pitch their idea to an audience. The audience in turn had the opportunity to vote for the top two ideas of the day. There was even an esteemed panel, which included communications guru, Libby Carew, venture advisor, Bernie Greene from MUN, and local entrepreneur, Andrew Murphy, co-founder of VISH Solutions. Their task was to give a critique of the pitchers’ business model and pitch presentation.

Such an event provided an avenue for early stage start-ups to showcase their ideas, as well as to garner feedback from a discerning crowd. For aspiring entrepreneurs, it was a foretaste of reality and a learning experience along the road to entrepreneurial success. Amidst anxious pitchers and an engaged audience, local innovation was made manifest in a two hour event.  In the end, Seaformatics – having pitched their proprietary, energy harvesting technology, custom made for the marine industry – was voted in the top two, but top honors went to Pearus and their couples matching app.

Pitch and Pick is the third of its kind since the EVOLUTION program began in the spring of last year. It surely won’t be the last, knowing full well that innovation in St. John’s never ends. Look for the next Pitch and Pick event coming this fall.

Michelle SimmsComment