Spotlight on Nocland Business Inc.

The convergence of voice, data and cloud technologies is revolutionizing IT infrastructure, giving employees new ways to engage with customers, suppliers and colleagues, allowing them to stay connected at all times.  All this increased network traffic is transforming corporate networks into complex, data-heavy environments that are difficult for companies and their system administrators to manage. Stephen Finn, founder of NOCLAND, a Genesis Centre company, saw an opportunity to enter the market with software that makes network management easy.

We caught up with Stephen to find out more about NOCLAND’s software and how it’s giving enterprises a fresh, easy-to-deploy alternative for managing their network infrastructure.


1. When did you start NOCLAND?

SF: It was incorporated on March 18, 2013.

2. Why did you start the company?

SF: I spent 20 years working in the telecom industry and realized that small service providers and medium-to-large enterprises had a problem when it came to managing their network infrastructure. The technology they were using was old and was based on a “one size fits all” approach. The tools were hard to use and didn’t provide much visualization of what was happening with their key infrastructure such as routers, switches and servers.

3. What is unique about NOCLAND’s solution that sets it apart from others?

SF: NOCLAND’s software automates the Network Management system administrator function.  We provide real-time diagnostics and reporting to ensure performance, high availability and predictability. Organizations need to know what the performance levels are at any given time on their network.  We are able to pull all the information together for them using a solution that can be implemented in less than an hour! All the features that CIOs and IT Managers once dreamed of are now a reality – in a format that scales to a customer’s environment.

A true differentiator is the scope of our platform, along with the features and functionality brought together by marrying network operations R&D with software development. NOCLAND is continually augmenting and developing new features and functionality from a broad base of best practices.

4. What types of companies use this technology?

SF: Organizations that are large enough and require strict high network availability, capacity management, and dynamic support and reporting structure, would benefit from using it. This includes telecoms/cable companies, private enterprises, utilities, municipalities and health care corporations.


5. What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur?

SF: There are two things and they relate to creating company culture. I like creating an environment where our employees obtain personal and career growth while enjoying their work. Also, it’s important to empower employees to meet the needs of the customer.

6. Biggest lesson learned to date about starting a company?

SF: I learned the importance of hiring the right people to do the job.  In the beginning, I tried to cut corners and do everything myself.  As the company grows and becomes successful, I’m learning to let go and empower people around me.

7. Best piece of business advice you’ve gotten so far?

SF: A successful business person once told me that many people secretly wish you fail.  The rationale is that it justifies them for not taking a risk to start something themselves.   This bothered me at the time, but then it helped me realize that I was doing this for the right reasons.  It’s more important to be happy and to take risks, than to be unhappy and secure in your career.

8. Which innovator, entrepreneur or scientist inspires you?

SF: First and foremost, it’s my colleagues, family and friends. I also respect Jack Welch, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

9. What’s the best part about being at the Genesis Centre?

SF: The energy of the entrepreneurs and staff.

10. What’s next for NOCLAND?

SF: Our customers and prospects are very excited about our roadmap and R&D focus.   There will be growth in the areas of software-defined networking, machine learning, big data analytics and advance event correlation.  Building a solid base while managing the market opportunities will be our immediate focus.

1-855-NOCLAND (662-5263) Ext. 1200