An Update on Red Meat Games, former Genesis Centre Client

Red Meat Games (RMG) was founded in 2013 at the Genesis Centre. In April, the company founder, Keith Makse seized an opportunity to move the company to Communitech in Kitchener. We caught up with Keith for a quick chat from his new office about the move and the latest news about RMG.

How was the move?

Hectic! For a while I was running an office in 2 provinces, packing up the house, plus taking care of our two boys and my wife, who broke her ankle. I landed in Kitchener on April 9, so it’s only been a couple of weeks. I’m still figuring out Communitech, setting up meetings and getting to know people. Everyone has been great so far.

What games are you working on?

We’re working on Wits & Warfare, a trivia-based empire building game funded by the Canada Media Fund. We just signed a distribution contract with a company in France for Cube Samurai: RUN! We also completed our spring-themed game, Egg Zag. We have two summer students coming on through the Young Canada Works program to help prototype a new game and to work on Wits & Warfare. We’re in good shape!

How big is your team?

We have 5 staff plus my business partner and me, and another 2 summer students. We have enough room for 10 people in our office.

Do you miss the Rock?

More than anything else, I miss the land and the ocean. I loved hiking the East Coast Trail with my family, or heading to Pouch Cove to look at the icebergs last year, or just seeing St. John’s from Signal Hill.

What about the Genesis Centre?

My favorite thing about the Genesis Centre was the camaraderie with the other business owners there. It was very reassuring to know that even if other founders didn’t have the exact issues I had, they understood quite well from their own perspective. That level of trust and sharing ran deep there, and I wish all my former colleagues the best of luck with their ventures.

What’s next for RMG?

We’re looking to the future. We’re applying for funding to market our game Cube Samurai: RUN! as well as developing our first VR game. We are trying to engage the business community with our team to connect with local artists. We have lots of irons in the fire, so check back in 6 months. Onwards and upwards!