MaRS on the Rock Program

Developed for large corporations, the MOTR (MaRS on the Rock) program is a series of entrepreneurial workshops derived from international best practices. MOTR is ideal for corporations who want to learn about the latest innovative practices to better deliver results and increase value for their consumers. In collaboration with MaRS Discovery District — Canada’s largest innovation hub located in Toronto — MOTR draws on the thought leadership of innovators such as Steve Blank, Alex Osterwalder and Eric Ries.

MOTR will help you learn the following topics:

  • Lean start-up methodology

  • Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas

  • Design Thinking

MOTR workshops also enables corporations to better delve into best practices regarding marketing communications, finance and human resources.

MOTR is for corporations who:

  • Have an interest in initiating change in corporate culture

  • Want to improve internal operations

  • Have an interest in engaging with start-ups

MOTR workshops offered throughout the year. Please stay tuned for dates on upcoming workshops.


For more information, please contact Andrew Simmons and stay tuned for upcoming dates