Marketing and communications (MarCom) is the ability to communicate your brand to your target customers through targeted channels and messaging that resonates with your customers’ problem or need.

Due to limited resources, many new ventures rely on low-cost marketing and communications strategies and activities to develop and scale their businesses. This workshop series examines the principles of MarCom strategies and provides relevant frameworks and tools for you to increase opportunities for growth.

This workshop will show you the key components that will contribute to a cost-effective, high-impact MarCom strategy. You will be able to identify where your marketing brand needs to go in order for you to grow your customer base and retain repeat clients.


  • MarCom Strategic Framework: target audience and credibility
  • Marketing channels and activities
  • Consumer’s buying process
  • Communication techniques
  • Identifying language for your target market
  • Selecting and evaluating media platforms


Identify and define your target audience- A strategy to build a target audience as well as identify and engage with key opinion leaders (KOLs) to build domain leadership and credibility.


Evaluating channels- A strategy to evaluate and select relevant marketing activities and media channels to complement your customers’ buying process, and develop a brand positioning statement.


Communicating to customers- A series of clearly structured messages, a media selection template and key components of a media kit.