Med4Lyn seeking Technical Co-Founder

Contact: Dr. MA Hossain

Company Name: Med4Lyn

Seeking: Technical co-founder

Working with: Swift, webpage design and maintenance

Business Overview:
My target populations for these apps are final year medical student and 1st & 2nd yr residents to help them prepare the licensing exams. In US alone, there are about 30,000 residency position each year. I am assuming roughly about 100k english speaking medical graduates every year from around the world multiplies by 3 [Final yr student+1st+2nd yr residents] which gives us around 300k customers. I am hoping at least 5% of them would buy our apps down the road.

FYI, I already opened and registered a company named "Med4Lyn". I am looking for someone who would be a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company and who will be responsible for Medical Educational ios App building with swiftcode, webpage design and overall maintenance of technical issues like fixing bugs, editing/adding new contents etc. Complete agreement will be provided upon discussion and approval.
The challenge here is to make the first app only. Once it is made the rests are just quite similar.

Work to be Completed:
Development of at least one iOS mobile app using Swift.
Development and launch of a webpage for the company.
Ongoing support and innovations as a technical co-founder


Equity Split: