The MOTR (MaRS on the Rock) program is a series of in person business development workshops.  The MOTR curriculum is brought to Genesis from MaRS. Located in Toronto, MaRS Discovery District is Canada's largest innovation hub.

The courses will include collaborative training on business model design, financing, and entrepreneurial leadership. 


Genesis is offering two workshops this August; Business Model Canvas, and Value proposition.  Click the link below to learn more about them and register! 

Business Model Canvas Workshop: August 7th, 2018

Value Proposition Workshop: August 13th, 2018


Unlike any other program in Atlantic Canada, MOTR is a collaborative approach to entrepreneurial leadership. Participation in this MOTR cohort is open to many types of organizations including; 

  • Entrepreneurs
    • Accelerate your business development through a well-defined framework and readily available expertise. (MaRS and Genesis Entrepreneurs and Executives in Residence)
  • Leading Corporations
    • Evaluate and innovate while minimizing risk. MOTR will help validate new products, services, and processes through a well defined framework decreasing barriers to company wide adoption. 
  • Educators
    • For educators, learn best practices in entrepreneurship and kick start cultural change regarding entrepreneurship as a viable profession. 
  • Students
    • Supplement your education and put fire in your belly! Our experiential learning approach will supplement any current program and prepare students for a knowledge based economy. 
  • Government Agencies
    • Learn efficiencies by doing. Gain a first hand knowledge of principals and challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Adopt a "Lean Start-Up" mentality and "Design Thinking" in your sector. Think efficiencies and validation for effective public service.