Blue Program

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs commercialize their ideas. The Genesis Centre offers a variety of programs and services to assist start-ups through all stages of idea development – from pre-incubation and business model development, to investor readiness. 

Start-ups must apply to be accepted into the Enterprise Program. Start-ups accepted into this incubator program may stay for up to 3 years, developing their technology and building their business. In addition to a working space alongside other entrepreneurs and an in-house support team, start-ups get access to marketing, finance, industry mentors and management resources to help them succeed.


Working Space

We set you up in a working space with in the heart of St. John’s, on the bustling campus of Memorial University, attended by students from all over the world. Share ideas, strategize and rub shoulders with other entrepreneurs in a collaborative community of start-ups. 


We have a network of world class mentors who work with our clients as they embark on the journey of building a company. We match you with an experienced mentor who can help you make tough business decisions. Our mentors bring their time, experience, and valuable contacts to the table and provide personal and business development support for entrepreneurs.

Tech Stack

The Genesis Centre has partnered with a number of strategic partners to better provide value for Genesis Centre portfolio companies. This enables start-ups to get access on exclusive deals including credits for Amazon's AWS services, as well as discounted deals on Klipfolio and Intercom.


University Resources

Need a prototype built or access to 3D printing? The Genesis Centre helps start-ups tap into the physical, technical, and scientific resources of Memorial University. State-of-the-art ice engineering tanks, chemistry labs and computer science facilities are just some of the resources available at Memorial University.  


The Genesis Centre has strategic partnerships in place to provide additional value to companies, including legal firms, accounting firms and outside partners and government funders. The Genesis Centre is a member of CDMN and collaborates with innovation hubs across Canada.

In addition, one day per month we invite partners to the Genesis Centre for an all-day information session with client companies. Genesis Centre clients can ask questions, seek advice and learn about potential programs and investment options available to them and their start-ups. 

For more information about our programs, contact Andrew Simmons.



Think the Blue is right for you?

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