MaRS on the Rock Program

The MOTR (MaRS on the Rock) program is a series of in person business development workshops.  The MOTR curriculum is brought to Genesis from MaRS. Located in Toronto, MaRS Discovery District is Canada's largest innovation hub.

The courses will include collaborative training on business model design, financing, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Unlike any other program in Atlantic Canada, MOTR is a collaborative approach to entrepreneurial leadership. Participation in this MOTR cohort is open to many types of organizations including; 

  • Entrepreneurs

    • Accelerate your business development through a well-defined framework and readily available expertise. (MaRS and Genesis Entrepreneurs and Executives in Residence)

  • Leading Corporations

    • Evaluate and innovate while minimizing risk. MOTR will help validate new products, services, and processes through a well defined framework decreasing barriers to company wide adoption. 

  • Educators

    • For educators, learn best practices in entrepreneurship and kick start cultural change regarding entrepreneurship as a viable profession. 

  • Students

    • Supplement your education and put fire in your belly! Our experiential learning approach will supplement any current program and prepare students for a knowledge based economy. 

  • Government Agencies

    • Learn efficiencies by doing. Gain a first hand knowledge of principals and challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Adopt a "Lean Start-Up" mentality and "Design Thinking" in your sector. Think efficiencies and validation for effective public service.  


MOTR Curriculum

Drawing on the latest thought leadership and tools for startup development—such as Steve Blank’s Customer Development Model, Eric Ries’ Lean Startup and Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas.

Please stay tuned for dates on our upcoming workshops.The following workshops will be offered in the near future, as part of our next MOTR cohort:

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Value Proposition 

  • Sales

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Finance Fundamentals

  • Leadership

  • Pitching to Investors

Business Model Canvas

This two-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures create a sustainable business model and develop a framework for validating that model.

“The purpose of a startup is to search for a scalable and repeatable business model,” says Steve Blank. At its most basic level, your business model illustrates how your new venture will make money.

In this two-part workshop series, we follow Steve Blank’s methodology and introduce startups to Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas and the analytical process required to validate a business model. The workshops are highly interactive and all participants will be able to design their own business model during the series.

Value Proposition

The tools and frameworks covered in the workshop will help you to lower the risk associated with launching your new product or business. Our approach will also help new ventures to better understand how sales and marketing activities can be organized to land the first customers.

The value proposition is a statement that reflects a new venture’s most fundamental decisions, including target customer, problem to be solved and which product solution to offer. This workshop will help you create a sustainable value proposition that is validated through customer and peer appraisal.

Finance Fundamentals

This three-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures develop a full cash-flow forecast and determine the amount of funding needed to grow.

Understanding the financial metrics of your business is a crucial step you need to take. Being able to speak knowledgeably to your accountant, bank or investors about your company finances will keep you confident in decisions you make and will allow you to better manage your available cash.

This three-part workshop series is designed to help entrepreneurs understand basic financial concepts, build a forecasting model to use in running their businesses and identify key concepts of valuation that apply to their businesses.



This single-session workshop is designed to help early-stage ventures learn how to simultaneously harness the skills of a leader and a manager.

There is a fine line between those who motivate and those who control — the best leaders are the ones who master both. During this workshop you will learn how to simultaneously harness the skills of a leader and a manager. You will find out what your leadership style is and how to manage your team through the “entrepreneurial roller coaster.” Whether you are leading one person or many, it’s important to understand your personal leadership behaviours and how to use them to move your team and business forward.

Pitching to Investors

This two-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures create a comprehensive 10-slide pitch to gain investors’ attention and ultimately funding.

Many new ventures need to access external sources of funding to effectively build their product and enter the market. This workshop series will help you to understand how to create a powerful pitch that you can use to engage investors.


This three-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures build a sales call script that follows a process which is proven to bring in quality and quantity sales.

Sales are fundamental to a successful business, but often misunderstood — like every other business function, selling is a process. This workshop series focuses on the sales process within a business-to-business (B2B) environment.

If you are ready to start selling, this workshop will equip you with techniques to map out your sales process and it will provide you with the tools to manage, influence and track sales opportunities. It will also provide you with the chance to refine and practice your cold calling and sales meeting techniques to improve outcomes and demonstrate repeatable sales.


Marketing & Communications

This three-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures learn key MarCom components that will contribute to a cost-effective, high-impact MarCom strategy.

Marketing and communications (MarCom) is the ability to communicate your brand to your target customers through targeted channels and messaging that resonates with your customers’ problem or need.

Due to limited resources, many new ventures rely on low-cost marketing and communications strategies and activities to develop and scale their businesses. This workshop series examines the principles of MarCom strategies and provides relevant frameworks and tools for you to increase opportunities for growth.

This workshop will show you the key components that will contribute to a cost-effective, high-impact MarCom strategy. You will be able to identify where your marketing brand needs to go in order for you to grow your customer base and retain repeat clients.


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